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2011.06.02 Laniakea fishes, turtles [movies]

It was a sunny day, and I went to Laniakea before lunch. When I got there, there were no turtles on the beach. One came up onto the beatch an hour or so later. But I met a few in the water.

I just took movies this day.

This was the first time I used the Pentax Optio WG-1 underwater.

4.9 MB    [large movie 58.1 MB]

1.8 MB    [large movie 22.8 MB]

5.8 MB    [large movie 67.3 MB]

6.3 MB    [large movie 76.1 MB]

9.6 MB    [large movie 111.8 MB]

3.1 MB    [large movie 36.9 MB]

2.4 MB    [large movie 27.3 MB]

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