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2011.06.05 Laniakea fishes, turtles [movies]

I went out before noon, and swam for about 30 minutes, but it started raining. It rained very hard after lunch, but eventually it stopped raining. So I went out in the afternoon again.

In the afternoon, there were four or five turtles on the beach. Luckily I met one in the water.

The first two movies were taken before lunch, and the other movies are from the afternoon.

3.0 MB    [large movie 33.5 MB]

7.0 MB    [large movie 81.2 MB]

3.1 MB    [large movie 35.0 MB]

6.3 MB    [large movie 75.2 MB]

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2.6 MB    [large movie 29.5 MB]

4.3 MB    [large movie 46.8 MB]

9.0 MB    [large movie 97.8 MB]

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