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Hawaii (2011-06)

I went to Hawaii from May 31 to June 7, and this was the first time that I took pictures underwater (while snorkeling). I bought the Pentax Optio WG-1 camera just for this.

I found that taking pictures underwater is pretty difficult, because of the following problems.

  • small screen
  • waves
  • shutter lag

The small screen on the back of the camera is not clearly visible underwater. I couldn't look at the screen and take photos like I do on land, so I just aimed the camera in the general direction of the fishes to take the pictures and movies.

The waves make you drift around a lot, so it's hard to stay stationary to take pictures and movies. In the movies, you can really see the shaking.

I took more movies than photos at the beginning because of the shutter lag. Since some of the fishes move pretty quickly, they weren't in the frame when the picture was taken. At least with the movies, I was able to keep up with the fishes most of the time.

2011.06.02 Laniakea (fishes, turtles) [movies]
2011.06.02 Turtle Bay (fishes) [movies]
2011.06.04 Lanikai (fishes)
2011.06.04 Lanikai (fishes) [movies]
2011.06.05 Laniakea (fishes, turtles)
2011.06.05 Laniakea (fishes, turtles) [movies]
2011.06.06 Ala Moana (fishes)
2011.06.06 Ala Moana (fishes) [movies]
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Hawaii (2011-06)

 06.02 Laniakea
 06.02 Turtle Bay
 06.04 Lanikai
 06.04 Lanikai
 06.05 Laniakea
 06.05 Laniakea
 06.06 Ala Moana
 06.06 Ala Moana

Photos by Hitoshi Doi.
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