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Hawaii (2012-01)

I went to Hawaii from January 17 to 24, and this was the second time that I took photos and movies while snorkeling. I used the Pentax Optio WG-1 camera.

The waves at the north shore were too big, so I only snorkeled at the eastern and southern beaches.

This time I tried to take more photos than movies. Since the screen on the back of the camera is too small to use for taking pictures underwater, I have to aim the camera in the general direction of the fish, and just pray.

I took a lot of photos, and my success rate was probably around 25%.

2012.01.18 Lanikai (fishes)
2012.01.19 Ko Olina Lagoon 2 (fishes)
2012.01.19 Ko Olina Lagoon 3 (fishes)
2012.01.19 Ko Olina Lagoon 4 (fishes)
2012.01.20 Kualoa (fishes)
2012.01.21 Ala Moana (fishes)
2012.01.22 Waikiki (fishes)
2012.01.23 Sand Island (fishes)
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Hawaii (2012-01)

 01.18 Lanikai
 01.19 Ko Olina Lagoon 2
 01.19 Ko Olina Lagoon 3
 01.19 Ko Olina Lagoon 4
 01.20 Kualoa
 01.21 Ala Moana
 01.22 Waikiki
 01.23 Sand Island

Photos by Hitoshi Doi.
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