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Hawaii (2012-12)

I went to Hawaii from December 11 to 18, and this was the third time that I took photos and movies while snorkeling. Overall it was cold and rainy during the entire trip.

I used the new Pentax Optio WG-2 camera.

2012.12.12 Ko Olina Lagoon 4 (fishes)
2012.12.13 Laniakea (fishes, turtles)
2012.12.16 Lanikai (fishes)
2012.12.17 Ko Olina Lagoon 1 (fishes)
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Hawaii (2012-12)

 12.12 Ko Olina Lagoon 4
 12.13 Laniakea
 12.16 Lanikai
 12.17 Ko Olina Lagoon 1

Photos by Hitoshi Doi.
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